Timber Products

The timber products provided from the Bute Forest are sold to customers on the island and off the isle. The timber cut locally from the island is done in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, by promoting hard work over machinery. Employees are usually local people of the isle. The timber harvested is offered in many different ways. This includes Trllis Arbour, Trellis, Fronted Log Stores, and Rustic Garden Benches. Other timber products include kennels, kindling, picnic benches, and untreated spruce.

You will also find rare species of conifer in the forest. You can see these by following the trail Rhubodach south. The area beyond this trail contains over 30 conifers. The species of conifers range from Tsuga dumosa, Cupressus torulosa, and Abies spectabilis. All of the species listed above are from the Himalayas.


Tsuga Dumosa

Tsuga Dumosa is well known as the Himalayan hemlock. This species is native to the eastern Himalayan Mountains. The Tsuga Dumosa grows to 25 meters high and to 40 meters in diameter.









Cupressus Torulosa

Cupressus torulosa is known as the Himalayan cypress. This is a specie of cypress in southern Asia. This type of tree is very big and can be 148 feet high.










Abies spectabilis

The Abies spectabilis is a conifer species in the Pinaceae family. This species has suffered from logging and deforestation especially trees located down in lower elevations. In the year 2011, the species was rated as near threatened.








Here at the forest, it is only one of 145 sites that the International Conifer Conservation Program teams up with.