The land company that owns Bute Forest is all locally managed and is considered a charitable company. The company consists of over 350 members. The vote in 2009, resulted in the purchase of the northern end of the island. The main goal of this purchase was to boost new jobs and to bring in more visitors to the island. The land company was formed by the community. The community wanted to purchase the forest and manage it in a more sustainable way. The goal is for the island to become widely recognized, provide a strong community, great facilities, and to showcase beauty and remoteness.

As stated earlier, the Bute Forest can be found on the Bute Isle towards the northern end. The land bought by the community also combines with other sections of land owned by different people. Here is a quick guide to help you get to the Bute Forest successfully. The northern entrance can be accessed by parking near the ferry. Visitors must then walk past the gate and follow the path marked. This path is considered to be the Balnakailly Loop.


Southern Entrance

There is also a southern entrance. The southern entrance is known as Rhubodach. You can reach this entrance by going up the access track near the Rhubodach Cottage. You will see the cottage before reaching the terminal. Here you will encounter two gates. You can drive past the first gated barrier. Once entering the gate, you will see a small lot to park your vehicle. Onward past the next gate is known as the area where the timber is harvested and leads on to the work area, then extends into the wild forest.

This trail is also used for bicycling and walking. Keep in mind the trail is used very frequently. In order to access this by car, you must be driving north following the coast, A844. You continue on the road, especially when the road switches to the A886. Follow this road until you see the ferry terminal. This terminal is known as Rhubodach-Colintraive. Another option is taking the bus.



Rhubodach Cottage

Cycling is another popular form of transportation to the forest. Visitors are permitted to cycle the A886. Also, an added convenience is the bike rack located beside the ferry. The trail most suitable for cyclists is the trail located next to the Rhubodach Cottage. It is ideal for all mountain bikes. It is not recommended to bike the Oak. Also the Balnakailly Woodland is not suitable for biking because the riding ground is considered not the best condition for biking.